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A place designed to bring a bit of magic and a dose of happily ever after. In whatever form we choose to experience it in our modern day lives.

Step inside and connect with friends and strangers, laugh, share stories, recharge, be open and see where the path takes you. Even modern world fairy tales are after all about adventures, finding our way and the magic inside us.

We bring to this journey a place with casual but good vibes and a welcoming atmosphere, cozy and warm during daytime and vibrant when the night falls. To this we aim to add a contemporary, globally inspired and flavorful kitchen menu and unveil original cocktails and drinks. Our house of little wonders is open from early morning when you can enjoy your coffee and breakfast in a relaxing feel, till late night when everything comes to life.

EverAfter Cocktail

The magic inside us

open daily

Monday – Thursday & Sunday
900 am – 000 am
Friday & Saturday
900 am – 100 am

A place of magic and happily ever after

EverAfter - A Magical Place
EverAfter - A Magical Place
EverAfter - A Magical Place
EverAfter - A Magical Place
EverAfter - A Magical Place

Contemporary kitchen

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Contemporary cuisine
Contemporary cuisine
Contemporary cuisine
Contemporary cuisine
Contemporary cuisine

House Specials



A British gin with a long tradition and one of the strongest gin brands in the world, is based on four key ingredients: juniper, coriander, angelica root and licorice

  • Gin & Tonic (250ml)
    35 ron
    Tanqueray Original + Franklin & Sons Tonic
    Royal Blackcurrant + Franklin & Sons
    Rose Flor de Sevilla + Franklin & Sons Original Tonic
  • Passionate gin (250ml)
    35 ron
    Tanqueray + Lemon fresh + Passion fruit puree + Basil + Tonic
  • Amalfi breeze (250ml)
    36 ron
    Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla + Lime + Limoncello + Tangerine syrup
  • Prosecco Royal (250ml)
    35 ron
    Tanqueray Royal + Prosecco + Lemon fresh + Sugar syrup


A sophisticated Scottish gin with an intense flavor given by herbs, cucumbers and rose petals

  • Gin & Tonic (250ml)
    38 ron
    Hendricks + Franklin & Sons Tonic
  • Alex's special gin cooler (250ml)
    38 ron
    Hendricks + Cointreau + Lavender syrup + Lime + Basil
  • Gin fever (250ml)
    38 ron
    Hendricks + Tonic + Lemon fresh + Juniper + Red pepper + Anise + Lime zest
House Specials
House Specials
House Specials
House Specials
House Specials


  • Chocolate Factory (200ml)
    35 ron
    Absolut Vodka, Lychee syrup, Lime and Grapefruit fresh, Black and White Chocolate
  • Jack Sparrow (300ml)
    35 ron
    Plantation Jamaican Rum, Havana 7y Rum, Lime and Grapefruit fresh, Ginger fresh, Ginger beer
  • Red Riding Hood (300ml)
    40 ron
    Monkey 47 Gin, Blueberry syrup, Edelflower syrup, Pineapple juice, Lemon fresh
  • Fire & Blood (300ml)
    36 ron
    Absolut Vodka, Jager, Blood orange juice, Tangerine syrup, Mint
  • Finding Neverland (250ml)
    35 ron
    Plantation Jamaican Rum, Amaretto, Pineapple juice, Lime and Grapefruit fresh, Bitter chocolate, Marshmello
  • Flying Dutchman (300ml)
    35 ron
    Rom Bumbu, Edelflower syrup, Fresh lime, Apple juice
  • Enchanted (200ml)
    35 ron
    Absolut Vodka, Strawberry liqiuor, Lime fresh, Cranberry juice, Strawberry foam
  • Love Story Martini (250ml)
    38 ron
    Whitley Neill Quince Gin, Passion fruit puree, Lime fresh, extra shot of vodka
  • Happy Ending (250ml)
    35 ron
    Hypnotik lichior, Prosecco, Passion fruit puree, Sparkling water
  • Fall in love (100ml)
    36 ron
    Gentlemen's Jack Whiskey, Pumpkin spice, Lemon fresh, Egg white, Anise, Cinnamon
  • Licorna mulled wine (250ml)
    24 ron
    Season fruit and spices
  • Hot Toddy punch (250ml)
    32 ron
    Havana Rum, Lemon fresh, Sugar cinnamon syrup, Season spices
  • Hendrick's Gin Hot Punch (300ml)
    38 ron
    Hendrick's Gin, Metaxa, Orange and lemon fresh, Apple juice, Season spices


daily, until 15:00
  • Boiled, scrambled or fried egg
    5 ron
    and sourdough bread | (80g)
  • 3 eggs omelette
    20 ron
    together with mixed salad and sourdough bread | (150g)
    Extras: (+5 RON) Romanian cow cheese | Mozzarella | Emmentaler | Baby spinach | Tomatoes | Cucumber | Red pepper | Mushrooms | Onion | Kalamata olives | Seed mix || (+7 RON) Goat cheese | Feta | Brie | Beef pastrami | Smoked pork neck | Cherry tomatoes | Dried tomatoes | Avocado
  • Scrambled eggs with French fries
    32 ron
    bacon and Romanian cow cheese | (400g)
  • Shakshuka eggs
    32 ron
    with sourdough bread | (300g)
  • Croque monsieur/ madame
    32 ron
    ham, mozzarella, bechamel sauce, salad mix, with or without egg | (250g)
  • Avocado toast with goat cheese
    35 ron
    poached egg, seed mix, cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes | (350g)
  • Halloumi toast with avocado
    36 ron
    fried egg, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, baby spinach and chilli jam | (400g)
  • Eggs Benedict
    34 ron
    English muffin, ham, poached egg, Hollandaise sauce, salad mix (250g)
  • Norwegian eggs
    37 ron
    English muffin, smoked salmon, poached egg, Hollandaise sauce, salad mix (300g)
  • Super foods bowl
    39 ron
    sweet potatoes, smoked salmon, sourdough bread, butter with aromatic herbs, baby spinach with pomegranate and caju, avocado, scrambled eggs | (400g)
  • Burrata bowl
    45 ron
    burrata, home-made beetroot hummus, scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, avocado, wild mushrooms mix, Greek pita | (400g)
  • EverAfter Brunch Platter
    43 ron
    sourdough bread, brie, emmentaler, walnuts, beef pastrami, 2 eggs, salad mix, butter with aromatic herbs, 2 pancakes, fresh fruit, nutella | (400g)
  • Brunch burger
    46 ron
    burger bun, cheddar, bacon, sunny side up egg, tomato, salad mix, caramelized onion jam, French fries | (450g)
  • Spanish skillet
    35 ron
    chorizo, cheddar, butter fried potatoes, baby spinach, sunny side up egg | (400g)
  • Oriental pita with hummus and fried feta
    36 ron
    tomatoes and cucumber salsa with sumac and zaatar, hummus, fried feta in sesame crust, French fries | (350g)
  • Pancakes with fresh fruit
    28 ron
    mapple syrup | nutella | honey and lavender | (300g)
  • Mimosa (125ml)
    22 ron
    Prosecco + Orange juice
  • Bloody Mimosa (125ml)
    22 ron
    Prosecco + Blood orange juice + rosemary
Brunch menu
Brunch menu
Brunch menu